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Regulatory Signs
Regulatory Signs are useful for directing traffic under various circumstances.
Fast to see and understand through imagery.
Colors are reflective and capture attention.
Includes routes, weight capacities, speed limits, closings, turning instructions and more.

Traffic Signs
Signs made for Traffic are for informing drivers about certain situations such as no parking zones, fire lanes, speed bumps, or exit signs;
Usually involves two contrasting colors and large letters.
Informative to passsing by drivers.

Informational Signs
Sometimes people require assistance in finding specific locations such as the nearest hospital. Informational signs are there to guide people and inform what certain locations are.
Contrasting colors and reflective vinyl. (HIP, EGP, and DGP)
Short and simple. Could be one-words such as "CAMPING" or images of bikes to represent a bicycle lane.

Aluminum Safety Signs

Flat Aluminum Street Name Signs
.080 Aluminum
3/4" radius corners
Double Faced
Type 3 High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting
Available sizes: 6" x 18"-48", 9" x 24"-48"

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Aluminum Signs

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Warning/ Danger Signs
These warning signs can be sold seperately
Useful for traffic, construction, and exterior/interior areas.
Signs vary sizes.
Can be customly created for personal purposes.

Construction Signs
Made to help drivers and passerby know of ongoing construction in their path.
Usually in the colors of orange and black as reflectives(HIP, EGP, and DGP)
Catches attention with imagery and giant lettering 
Causes drivers to be more cautious and aware when nearing the construction site.

Courtesy Signs
These signs are known to be used for actions by pedestrians in helping others by cleaning up after their dogs, leaving parking space for expecting mothers, or throwing out litter in cans. 
Most are pleasentry actions that are required or fines are given as stated on the signs.
Produces a more active and beneficial neighborhood with the additions of neighborhood watches that can have signs of their own.

Hazard Signs
Hazardous materials can be quite dangerous to unknowing passersby, which is why hazard signs are placed in front of doors and locations to inform others to be cautious and possibly not to trespass.
These signs are used for radiation areas, electrical power zones, chemical hazards, and anything unhealthy.
Usually yellow & black in reflective vinyl including High Intensity Prismatic, Engineer Grade Prismatic, and Diamond Grade Prismatic.

 Extruded Aluminum Street Name Signs
Square Corners
Double Faced
Type 3 High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting
Available sizes: 6" x 18"-48", 9" x 24"-48"
Where the speed limit is 25mph or less, use a 6" high sign with 4" letters.
Where the speed limit is over 25mph, use a 9" high sign with 6" letters.

Aluminum Street Name Signs