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Vehicle Wraps, Decals & Car Graphics

DigiArt offer the best vehicle wrap materials on the market – top quality Avery, 3M and Oracal print media, vinyl and laminates, and top-of-the line printing on our Solvent HP 9000 Printers.

Whether you’re looking for a full vehicle wrap, a customized vehicle wrap or just door graphics, Digiart will help you create it to promote your business.
No matter what your budget allows vehicle graphics are both eye catching and are a proved method of low cost advertisement especially due to traffic congestion on New Jersey roads.
Car Wraps have become very popular in the last several years.
Why? Because where else can you get a mobile 16-foot four-sided sign advertising your business for around $3000? 
Most people get sticker shock at this price, but if you consider it lasts at least 5 years, it averages to only $50 per month. That's a lot of marketing for little $$$. 
The wrap helps protect the paint underneath the vinyl, too.