With Etched Plaques, we offer a large variety of options for you choose from to keep you pleased with your sign. 

Please look below for more of these options.

96” x 24” x 1/4”

Etched Stainless Steel Panel 

Cut to shape, raised areas, random orbital finish, recessed graphics, multi-colored infill.

9” x 14” x 1/4” 

Etched Stainless Steel with Halftone Image 

Cut to oval shape, satin finish on raised areas, polished bevel edge border, recessed text and graphics infilled black.

12” x 9- 1⁄2” x 1⁄16” 

Etched Brass 

Cut to shape, satin finish raised areas, recessed text infilled with black. Gloss clearcoat.

10” x 24” x 1⁄2”
Etched Aluminum
Cut to shape, satin finish raised areas, recessed text and graphics infilled with two colors. Semi-gloss clearcoat.

40” x 24” 

Custom Fabricated and Etched Stainless Steel Unit 

Satin finish raised areas and #8 polished recess text, infilled with black.

13” x 13” x 1/4” 

Etched Aluminum
Custom cut corners, satin finish raised areas, recessed areas infilled with black. Gloss clearcoat.

9” x 9” x 1/4” 

Etched Bronze 

Bevel edge with satin finish raised text. Medium oxidized recessed background. Semi-gloss clearcoat.

10” x 22” x .153”
Etched Zinc 

Bronzetone finish raised areas, recessed areas infilled with multiple colors. Black textured recessed background.

Stud Mount (Blind Mount)
All etched plaques 1/4" thick and thicker are drilled and tapped.

Stud Boss Mount(Blind Mount)
Plaques thinner than 1/4" can be stud mounted with welded stud bosses.

Double Face Tape Mount (Blind Mount)
Strips of “Very High Bond” tape are applied to the back of the plaque.

Screw Mount
Holes are drilled through the surface of the plaque. Specify screw size and if you need the holes to be countersunk. 1/16" thick plaques cannot be countersunk and will include round head screws.​

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The etching process creates plaques with two levels of graphics —recessed and raised. Etched plaques are ideal for reproducing images with fine detail and small lettering, or ADA compliant graphics can be created through deep-etching metal plaques. 

Pricing includes typesetting by Matthews or the use of customer-provided art (digital or black and white). 

Etching Depth 

The depth achievable by acid-etching is dependant upon the letterstyles or artwork being etched as well as the size of the etched plaque. 

• Standard etching depths may range from .010" to .020" dependent upon size and detail of the artwork and the material selected. 

• Halftone photographs have a shallow etching depth of .003"-.007". Photo must be 300DPI. 

• Deep-etching to comply with ADA requirements is .032" and may be accommodated, depending on the artwork, in all metals except aluminum.
Recessed Areas

Painted Colors 
Pricing includes one standard background color on either recessed or raised copy plaques. The recessed areas of all Matthews etched plaques may be painted with any standard color as shown on page 16. In addition, colors from most color designating systems may be specified for a custom color match. Multiple colors may be specified for use on etched plaques: A raised area must separate each color (that is, two colors cannot touch each other). 

Custom Color 
Additional charges are applied for every custom color added. 

Texture Paint 
Texture paint is available in brown or black for recessed background areas on deep-etched zinc. Suede texture that is not as coarse as standard textured paint is also available in any color. 

The standard finish on square and bevel edges is satin. Optional finishes are polished, painted or sandblast. Contact Matthews with requirements. 

Clear Coatings 
Protective clear coatings are used on all metals except for stainless steel and polished aluminum. Coatings are available in gloss or semi-gloss. Interior or exterior installation should also be specified. Coatings for exterior installation are polyurethane-based, available in gloss or semi-gloss. If no clear coating is specified, the standard is gloss. Standard clear coating for ADA signage is semi-gloss.
We here at Digiart are dealers for Gemini™ and a majority of our etched Plaques are created from them. We sell their material for you, the customer, to enjoy quality products at reasonable prices.
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Etched Plaques
Recessed Graphics 

Graphic images and text are generally recessed on an etched plaque and infilled with a painted color. Brass alloys may be chemically oxidized with the recessed areas appearing as a darker color.
Raised Graphics 

When raised graphics are specified, the background will be painted or chemically oxidized, depending on material. Small lettering with fine serifs is not recommended for raised graphics.

Stencil-Cut Graphics 

Letters and artwork may be pierced or stencil-cut by waterjet-cutting through the metal plate. This method is ideal for signage that combines dissimilar metals, requires backlighting or exposes the installation wall. Waterjet-cutting is also used for accurate placement of holes and cut out areas for control panels.

Digital Printing
Available on cast, etched or waterjet-cut plaques, full color can be printed in recesses and on raised elements with provided artwork. Graphics, including wood grains, are available to enhance your product.

​Materials for etched plaques are available in 1/16”, 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” gauges.

Stainless Steel
Alloy C304 (Optional Alloy 316 also available)


Alloy C22000


Naval Brass Alloy C46400 – 60% Copper, 39.25% Zinc, 0.75% Tin (Muntz also available)

​Alloy C11000