Coroplast / Corrugated Plastic sign:

We use the best quality Opaque Coroplast 4mm.
Coroplast are made from long lasting, weather-proof 4-mil corrugated plastic, a light weight polypropylene plastic material.
Brand names Coroplast and Cor-x are weather resistant.
Coroplast is flexible, bendable, and as light as a feather.
Great cheap alternative that is quick & easy to install instead of hanging banners or metal signs.
The coroplast can come in different colors.

Lawn/Coroplast Signs

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Coroplast Colors:

Light Blue
Dark Blue

​Lawn/Coroplast  Sign Stakes

■ Wire stands constructed of 9 gauge alvanized steel with two lap-welded cross bars
■ 10” width and 30” height fits almost commonly coroplast sign size
■ Insert directly into the sign from the bottom

creative Graphics & DeSigns
Getting a lawn/coroplast sign is easy.
There are just a few steps you need to do to get started. 
You can design your own lawn/coroplast sign by uploading your artwork or by simply telling us what you need your lawn/coroplast signs to have.
It could be used for your business, political campaign, or event.

We understand how busy it might get for you and your business, which is the reason why Digiart does everything for you and on the time you want at a reasonable cost.  
We know how important it is for you to get your lawn/coroplast signs quickly. Our fast turnaround time is usually 2-3 business day for full color yard sale signs. 
Our professionals work hard and fast to make sure your lawn/coroplast signs are in high quality and and perfectly assembled with no mistakes.
We try to get your signs to you when you need them!
As a real business that understands the economic issues that plaque us, we believe we have the best prices and fastest turnaround.
We would enjoy in helping grow your business with us as your support.